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there's a whore living in my heart

New friends!

2/3/11 10:43 pm - New friends!

I feel like I should post an update because of this whole friending-post-apalooza (not Appaloosa) on AMA. 

(btw, if there was a friending-post Appaloosa, this would be him:

Except the thing is, I should really be in bed by now with an Ambien and a Sweet Valley.  Andrea's in San Diego for some dental work, so I'm going skiing tomorrow and I want to leave by 6. And now I'm all hyper.

Also, I'm watching Degrassi right now (because apparently I'm 13 years old and a bachelor (see also: frozen pizza))- do Canadian people really say Regina so that it rhymes with vagina?

I...I am not coherent.
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