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there's a whore living in my heart

& she is bad bad bad

1/1/16 12:00 am - friends only.


comment to be added.

4/1/12 01:49 pm


1/15/12 10:48 pm

I just bought a neti pot. Let's see how this goes.

11/11/11 01:55 am

i just did a big friends cut. sorry. i've never done one before (at least not an announced one) but i'm feeling...weird right now. i don't mean to upset anyone although since i've been pretty inactive i'm not really sure anyone will care.

8/31/11 06:30 pm - i'm just gonna leave this here.

6/12/11 09:55 pm

"I mean, if you can't get The Velvet Underground on vinyl, there's really no point in listening to them at all."

5/29/11 11:53 pm

Why does my T9 (yes i have an old phone; fucking deal) write "tgaolp" instead of thanks?

5/22/11 10:47 pm

I wish LJ had a feature like facebook where it would notify you if someone tagged you in a post  (like this: redacted .)

Oh yeah, I'm back from Mexico.  Photos and narrative to come soon.  I am exhausted.

5/10/11 04:57 pm - Just a few things.

  • I went to the post office today to buy stamps, and heard what sounded like a rooster crowing.  Upon inquiry, it turns out some is shipping a live rooster.
  • Warm, cream-filled green tea doughnuts are my new favorite pastry.
  • People begin arriving tomorrow, and this is real.

5/6/11 12:33 am

Just listen to it.

5/1/11 11:51 pm

Yeah, alright, so Osama bin Laden is dead.

I still think it's fucked up that there are people celebrating his death.  Reminds me of the arrogance that ensued right after 9/11, that whole "we'll kick their asses" Toby Keith xenophobic Islamophobic sickening nationalism.  This, honestly? It means nothing.

4/13/11 03:44 am

Something about these women's wares being advertised in the singular makes them sound a tad more suggestive, no?

3/21/11 03:34 pm - Things I don't want in a wedding cake topper

  1. made of clay
  2. bobble-headed
  3. jokey (someone being dragged to the altar, etc.)
  4. animal-shaped
  5. sports-related
  6. shaped like a potato and a boat (??????)

3/11/11 07:18 pm - ...WTF. (as posted by numerous people on my friends list)

Originally posted by lavenderfrost at ...WTF. 
Well, there goes my good mood for the day.

NYTimes, the bastion of quality reporting, reported on the gang-rape of an 11 year-old girl in Texas  that's led to charges against 18 high-school boys so far - all well and good so far, right?  Shit like this NEEDS publicity to raise awareness. 

Only problem is, they repeated - without refutation or critical commentary - the claims that the girl brought the rape on herself because of the way she was dressed.

Choice Quotes (No cut b/c everyone needs to see this - DEAL.):

“It’s just destroyed our community,” said Sheila Harrison, 48, a hospital worker who says she knows several of the defendants. “These boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.  As opposed to the victim, who's gonna bounce back lickety-fucking-split, right?

Residents in the neighborhood where the abandoned trailer stands — known as the Quarters — said the victim had been visiting various friends there for months. They said she dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s. She would hang out with teenage boys at a playground, some said.  TOTALLY BEGGING FOR IT.


Now, what's being said and done in this community is bad enough, but the NY Times should be fucking ashamed of themselves right now.

Here's how to contact NYT: )

3/1/11 04:58 pm - From the LAGLC:

BREAKING: California's new attorney general Kamala Harris filed a brief today asking the appeals court to immediately reinstate same-sex marriage.

Article here.

2/28/11 01:00 pm - BIG bunny, tiiiiiny horse.

For size comparison, a picture of each alongside an approximately 5-year-old child:


And they would be BEST. FRIENDS.

2/25/11 10:23 pm

They look alike, y/y?


Also, RuPaul has a really pointy head.

2/13/11 12:30 am - Bunnies.

♥ bunnies.Collapse )

2/6/11 06:33 pm

The babies from "Teen Mom" are going to grow up and realize their mothers were on a show about how they were unwanted, and how much harder they made their lives.

Have a nice day!

2/3/11 10:43 pm - New friends!

I feel like I should post an update because of this whole friending-post-apalooza (not Appaloosa) on AMA. 

(btw, if there was a friending-post Appaloosa, this would be him:

Except the thing is, I should really be in bed by now with an Ambien and a Sweet Valley.  Andrea's in San Diego for some dental work, so I'm going skiing tomorrow and I want to leave by 6. And now I'm all hyper.

Also, I'm watching Degrassi right now (because apparently I'm 13 years old and a bachelor (see also: frozen pizza))- do Canadian people really say Regina so that it rhymes with vagina?

I...I am not coherent.
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